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House, MD Analysis

End of the Thought Process

30 August
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I'm a singer and writer. This is probably the fourth career I've had--previous lives include being a Microbiologist, Environmental Policy Analyst, magazine editor, educator.

My passions are writing (I'm working on two novels right now) and music (I'm a singer--that's what pays the bills). I occasionally act and direct (but time constraints do not usually allow for that, except within the context of my job -- which is serving as a Cantor)

I have been delightfully and passionately married for 23 years and have 2 children--19 and 14.

I rarely watch series TV. The last show I got hooked on was the X=Files. I was involved in the X-Files analysis usenet group and thought the show House, MD might benefit from the same kind of group. The idea is to look at each episode and analyze it--pehaps the science or medicine involved, perhaps the interrelationships, perhaps individual characters, guest patients, whatever.

I am fascinated by the character of House much in the same way I was fascinated by Fox Mulder of XF. In the XF days, I was a leading writer of XF fanfiction (Mulder-centered and very angsty). I think the creators of the show House, MD have hit a gold mine with the casting of Hugh Laurie. I have not seen such an incredibly perfect melding of actor and character for a very long time. I can't think of anyone else who might be capable of his combination of comedic timing (necessary for the biting sarcasm of the character) and vulnerability. Bravo.